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Submitted on
June 6, 2011


*Update #2!*

I now have 2 stories for each character except Rarity and Applejack. And technically, if someone wants Rainbow Dash, I can open up that slot, since the second story for her is being done by me, so I can back off of it if someone wants that.

Also, thanks everyone, for your interest! I definitely can't wait to see how this all works out. If I'm not in contact very much this week, you can blame my University for having its finals week. Don't worry, though: I should be back in commission by next week, for sure. That, and I'll still try to keep in touch this week as well, when I can.

Everyone but Rainbow Dash has been taken, so I'll claim her. Now that everyone has at least one story, I'll take some repeats. If I  put you down for one character, and you'd rather do another, I'll switch you over to that one, but only if I still have that character covered. Sound  good? Sorry if this is all a bit confusing; I've never managed  something like this before,  so I'm still getting used to it.

Also, I think I'll take a max of two stories for each char, in the interest of my sanity.

Attention! If you're interested in fan fiction, and/or community collaboration, please read!

As I stated in… , I would like to start a group effort Friendship is Magic fanfic. Here's my exact proposition:

Equestria Campfire Stories (name subject to change)

The mane main 6 ponies, plus Spike and Braeburn, are all having a campout in Appleoosa. One of them suggests telling ghost stories, and they all like the idea, so they each start taking turns telling stories.

Here's how this is going to work: I'm going to write the frame story, i.e. anything focusing on the ponies sitting around the campfire. So between stories, or possibly breaking up some of the stories, there will be short little segments displaying the group's reactions, or some distractions, or what-have-you.

What I'm asking you guys to do is to write the actual ghost stories the ponies will be telling. Remember to keep them in character, though; for example, Fluttershy would probably tell a mild, tame story, whereas Rainbow Dash would most likely tell a super-scary tale. Also, the writing style should somewhat reflect the character's normal dialogue; a story told by Applejack should use an informal writing style, whereas one by Rarity would use elegant language.

I'll start by taking sign-ups for each character, on a first-come, first-serve basis. If multiple people want to write for a particular character, I could possibly allow for repeats, but only once each character has at least one story to tell. If need be, I could possibly fill in some gaps, too.

Once I have the stories collected, I'll write the frame story around it (as I said earlier). This will basically be the intro, conclusion, and the transition segments, although I'm also looking into other ways to break things up; for example, a story could get interrupted by somepony thinking they see a ghost, or Fluttershy wigging out, or something like that.

That being said, here's the availability of stories for the characters:

*Twilight Sparkle - Kjh242, SonicBoom01
*Rainbow Dash - :devKNoir;, Me
*Applejack - robespierre13
*Fluttershy - ThatAnimeFan, CartoonNinja,
*Pinkie Pie - Ziblink, Masterweaver
*Spike - triptychr, LlamaLlumps
*Braeburn - orangejediman, KatalusTalrius

Also, I actually need one and a half stories for Rainbow Dash; she's going to start a really, really, really scary/violent one, and be asked to stop, so if someone could do half of a super-grimdark one for her, that would be good.

As always, I'm open to suggestions, especially on how to format everything, and where we should post this once it's done.

This announcements going on here (dA), FiMchan, and Ponychan, and I'm going to see about getting it onto Equestria Daily. The threads are kinda buried a bit on the 'chans, though...
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I dissssslike word maximums. And I'm appliying for.... *looks at post* Yeah, Twilight's taken and Pinkie is the only other one with the intellectual capacity to tell this one, so Pinkify me captain!
Okie-dokie-lokie! :iconpinkiepiedplz:
I have sent you the story in a note. Have you received it?
I have, although I'm busy studying for a chemistry final tonight, so I won't be able to read it until tomorrow. Thank you, though!
I have a bit of an idea for Fluttershy. Suppose it turns out she's REALLY good at telling ghost stories?
Okay, as my journal says, you can have Fluttershy, too.

I kid, I kid. I hated that story.
XD I actually haven't read it, and I don't plan to.
Keep it that way.
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